Industrial building for Sale in Casale Monferrato


Reference 2526
Price 209.620 €
Typology Industrial building
Contract vendita
City Casale Monferrato
Sq.m. 2.014
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

The object of this sale is an industrial warehouse part of a complex of productive buildings, located in the industrial area of ??Casale Monferrato (AL), via Negri 15. The location is interesting for the existing connection systems linked to the existing network, connected to The A26 highway network to the state roads (SS457, SS31, SS596 dir), regional (SR31) and provincial (SP50, SP55) links it to neighboring centers. The city is also served by a State Rail Station. About 2 km south of the city is the "Francesco Cappa" Airport.The industrial warehouse dates back to 1967, it has a supporting structure in c.a. And external masonry tampons. It is in adherence to other sheds with the same constructive typologies and consists mainly of two bodies: the first accessed from the road from via Negri; The second part of the shed, with main facade east facing the property courtyard. The machining areas are configured as large spaces with a small box with two toilets and a dedicated workmanship for the workers. Adhering is the office area consisting of entrance, technical office, administration, management, archive, sanitation and disengagement. Above the toilets there was a mezzanine for a technical compartment with two iron access stairs. The finishes are discrete, autonomous heating with radiant terminals and heaters. All in all, the property is in a poor state of maintenance and conservation.The price is to be understood excluded (typically 22%). The property becomes available for the VAT reverse charge application.